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Investment choices grow as more mints look to platinum

24 August 2018

A growing range of platinum coins is being issued by the world’s leading mints. They offer investors an accessible way to gain exposure to a metal that is both precious and industrial, and 30 times rarer than gold.

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Platinum bullion coins are an investment product, attractive and readily available to investors, along with bars, online bullion accounts and listed investment products (such as platinum exchange-traded funds). However, prior to 2016, none of the world’s mints had issued a new platinum coin for more than 10 years. Mints have been prompted – in part, by growing public awareness of the aesthetic and investment characteristics of platinum – to begin issuing a new range of platinum coins.

Two major European mints have launched platinum bullion coins since 2016. The Austrian Mint has, for the first time in its history, issued a platinum bullion coin (the Vienna Philharmonic). Similarly, the UK’s Royal Mint – the world’s largest export mint and 1,100 years old – has begun minting the first platinum bullion coins in its history.

Platinum has traditionally traded at a premium to gold given platinum’s greater rarity and diverse industrial uses. Buyers of precious metal coins will also be aware that – for one of only a handful of times in a generation – the platinum price is currently below the gold price. This may offer buyers an attractive entry point into platinum.

Why consider platinum coins?

Government-issued platinum coins are legal tender in their country of issue – hence there is a face value on each coin. This provides investors with a sovereign quality-assurance, which is helpful to ownership and potential resale.

Many investors purchase platinum coins as a long-term store of value. They are also frequently recognised as heirlooms that can be passed down through generations.

Royal Mint – Queen’s Beasts 2017, and Britannia 2018 (pictured above)

The Royal Mint added its classic “Britannia One Ounce” platinum coin in 2018, alongside its first platinum bullion product – The Queen’s Beasts series – introduced in 2017. These coins form part of the mint’s growing partnership with the World Platinum Investment Council.

Austrian Mint – Vienna Philharmonic, 2016

Austrian Mint – Vienna Philharmonic 2016

In 2016, the Austrian Mint issued its first ever platinum coin in this series, one of the world’s best selling, which celebrates the world-famous orchestra, depicting the organ of the Musikverein concert hall in Vienna. Over 35,000 of these coins were sold in 2016. In 2017, the 1/25-ounce Platinum Philharmonic was added.


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