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Forthcoming Platinum Quarterly publication dates

24th November 2021: Third Quarter and Full Year 2021, Full Year Forecast 2022

18th August, 2021

In this video interview, Trevor Raymond, Director of Research, chats with Kanish Chugh from ETF Securities (Australia) on why and how to consider platinum as an investment, its supply/demand fundamentals and outlook, and drivers of demand growth and price.

Topics discussed include:

  • Who WPIC is and its remit
  • Unique insights and uses of platinum
  • Key drivers of the platinum price
  • Views on platinum as an investment asset
  • Platinum’s crucial role in the hydrogen economy

22nd July, 2021

In this video interview, Trevor Raymond, Director of Research, chats with Martin Creamer from Mining Weekly.

Topics discussed include:

  • Strong retail bar and coin demand in H1
  • Growth in ETF holdings
  • Hydrogen uptake in Europe
  • Substitution of platinum for palladium in petrol vehicles
  • Drivers of platinum demand going forward

12th April, 2021

世界铂金投资协会亚太区主管,邓伟斌先生,受邀参加由华尔街见闻主办 的“巨头布局,氢是储能的未来么”线上研讨会。此次研讨会从氢经济的宏 图展开,分析了国内外氢经济发展形势,并对氢能的重要应用——燃料电池 车产业,进行了详细的解读。除此之外,邓伟斌先生在此次研讨会中还针对 光伏制氢和氢能产业投资机会发表了个人看法。

Weibin Deng, Regional Head of Asia Pacific, delivered a webinar hosted by Wall Street CN to an audience of over 100,00 viewers. In it, he discussed the latest developments in the hydrogen economy and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs).

25th February, 2021

In this video interview, Trevor Raymond, Director of Research, chats with David Lin from Kitco News to talk about platinum demand growth, liquidity in the futures markets and visibility which are now becoming tailwinds for the platinum price.

Topics discussed include:

  • Platinum value fundamentals
  • Platinum’s relationship with gold
  • Platinum’s role in the hydrogen economy
  • Platinum market structure and price

8th February, 2021

In this interview with Martin Creamer for Mining Weekly, Trevor Raymond, Director of Research, discusses the outlook for platinum group metals: constrained supply, strong demand growth.

Topics discussed include:

  • Major demand drivers for platinum
  • Is supply likely to keep up with demand?
  • What are vehicle emissions doing to demand?
  • Why is substitution of platinum for palladium not made more public?
  • Will proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells remain inextricably linked to platinum?

4th December, 2020

In this video interview, Trevor Raymond, Director of Research, chats with David Lin from Kitco about platinum, the outlook and the factors influencing platinum this year.

Topics discussed include:

  • Platinum deficit
  • Usages of platinum
  • Why hasn't the price risen?
  • Logistical issues from another lockdown?
  • Platinum vs palladium
  • Platinum vs S&P 500
  • Could platinum be replaced?
  • Hydrogen economy and EV’s
  • PGM’s and cars
  • Jewellery

4th December, 2020

WPIC, Anglo American plc and FOHO NEW & HIGH-TECH Industrial Development Zone (Suzhou) hosted the 2020 International PGMs Tech Innovation and Development Summit. Lead sponsors were BASF Metals (Shanghai) Co Ltd and Shanghai REFIRE Technology Co Ltd.

The summit theme was “NEW ENERGY, NEW MATERIAL, NEW ECOLOGY”. It aimed to establish a senior interactive platform including government, enterprises, experts, scholars and media, together delivering the value prospects for platinum- group metals: recognising their strategic importance for China in the development of new energy and new material industries.

13-15th August, 2020

WPIC delivered a keynote speech at the 10th China Auto Forum in Shanghai, hosted from Aug 13 to Aug 15 in Shanghai by the China Automobile Manufacturers Association (CAAM), with support from the World Automobile Organization (OICA)

  • Weibin Deng’s speech focused on the importance of platinum in the hydrogen industry value chain and substitution in ICE vehicles
  • It was delivered to the Hydrogen Energy Industry Development and Fuel Cell Technology Innovation sub-forum
  • Copies of WPIC’s detailed Platinum and Palladium Essentials research studies were distributed at the forum

11th August, 2020

WPIC co-hosted a Platinum Market Conference in Beijing, with China Gold News and the Beijing Gold Economic Development Research Centre (BGEDRC)

  • Attended by over 60 Beijing-based reporters from 40 state-run and internet media
  • Speakers: Weibin Deng, WPIC Regional Head of Asia Pacific; BGEDRC; the China Recycle Associaion; the State Assayer (NGTC)
  • Further conferences to follow this month in Shanghai (in cooperation with Shanghai Gold Exchange) and Shenzhen

5th August, 2020

In this video interview, Trevor Raymond, Director of Research, chats with Martin Creamer from Mining Weekly on how platinum is continuing to attract strong investor interest.

Topics discussed include:

  • Platinum as an investment asset
  • Investment in platinum as a physical metal: Strong platinum bar and coin purchases as well as rising ETF inflows to date in 2020
  • Platinum group metals

24th July 2020

In collaboration with the Japan Bullion Market Association (JBMA), WPIC commenced a monthly online program called “PLATINUM FOCUS” on YouTube. Its purpose is to disseminate to the basics about Platinum and Palladium, and dive in the latest and hottest topics/news in PGMs. External guest speakers such as industrial experts or veterans in related areas will be invited to join the program occasionally.

The first introductory episode of the program is in 4 parts and has so far received 11,000 views:

  • Basic knowledge about platinum & palladium
  • Historical price movements
  • Investment methods/product line-up
  • Introduction to WPIC reports introduction

20th April, 2020

In this podcast, Trevor Raymond, Director of Research, discusses the investment case for platinum with Andrew Monk from VSA Capital

Topics discussed include:

  • Why invest in platinum?
  • Fundamental drivers which are key to the investment case for platinum
  • Supply & demand trends

27th March, 2020

In this Precious Metals Strategy Briefing webinar recording, Trevor Raymond, Director of Research, discusses the investment case for platinum with Simon Smith from ETF Strategy

Topics discussed include:

  • Brief background on WPIC and its remit
  • Platinum supply and demand context
  • How to invest
  • Liquidity
  • Why invest in platinum (including the role of gold (precious), palladium (substitution), climate change (CO2 and automotive trends)

12th November, 2019

In this webinar, Trevor Raymond, World Platinum Investment Council, Bill Humphrey, New Direction Trust Company and Dan Jay, BullionVault, discuss the reasons why precious metals investment are a good way to diversify your portfolio.

Topics discussed include:

  • How platinum is used throughout the world
  • Platinum’s supply and demand
  • Platinum as a portfolio diversifier
  • Self-directed investment plans
  • How to invest in platinum with your IRA
  • Physical precious metals online markets